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8 Cabinet Joinery Techniques You Should Know About

Cabinet joinery affects the strength, durability, and appearance of cabinets. Different techniques can improve the craftsmanship of the cabinet. These techniques range from traditional methods to modern innovations. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a craftsman, it’s good to know what these techniques are. Some cabinet joinery techniques like dovetail are seen everywhere. Other techniques, like…

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Review Roundup: Here are 6 Reviews You Need to Read

Every business, no matter how small, has a marketing strategy to gain more customers. Everyone has seen a good commercial or read a good showcase from a company. If you have the money to spend, you can make any company look like gold on the surface. I’ve seen it myself; a company has a seemingly…

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10 Useful Features Your Kitchen Design Renovation Must Have

If you’re like me, you probably flip through HGTV Magazine thinking about your dream home. You have your favorite shows, and, somewhere, there’s a file with all your dreams in them. Mine is a list of features I want; a friend of mine has a box of magazine clippings. No matter how you keep track…

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The Ultimate Guide to Popular, Money Saving RTA Cabinet Brands

People love saving money on large purchases for home renovations, but ill-informed choices cost them more money in the long run. Skimming the first three search results on Google is not research. That’s impulse buying at its best, and companies make a fortune on it. Always do more research than the first few results on…

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How To Take Beautiful Photos for Your DIY Project

Congratulations on completing that do-it-yourself project! That random idea ran you ragged, but you made it to the finish line! Friends and family have come to admire your work, but now you want to share it with the internet. Unfortunately, taking beautiful photos has proved tricky. What are you doing wrong?

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4 Popular RTA Cabinet Brands Calling Your Name

The quality of the many RTA cabinet brands are unquestionable. The options can make people nervous. Fortunately, we have over 50 years of experience in the industry. We’re here to help! There are four popular RTA cabinet brands that people love. Their quality and affordability are a favorite with customers. The durability is a customer…

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