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About Us

We are a complete cabinet design and supply center for kitchen, bathroom, closets, bar area and other rooms. We design for both residential and commercial use and supply product for both the homeowner and the professional.

Our goal is to provide you with expert design for a kitchen or other rooms that you will love for years to come.

Additionally we strive to provide your cabinet at the lowest possible price. Contact us at 570-693-0285 or email us at sales@waverlycabinets.com.

All hours are by appointment only 7 days a week.

Let’s work together to achieve the success you want for your next cabinet project.



Our Mission

Design and supply quality cabinetry while still selling at a fair price. Provide our customers with the best service before, during and after the sale. Have our customer’s dreams come true no matter the size of the project.

Waverly Cabinets offers affordable RTA kitchen cabinets that come ready to assemble. We ensure higher quality and durability over the competitors who utilize particle boards for their cabinets. If you are looking for RTA kitchen cabinets, we deliver high quality, solid wood doors. With years of experience and refinement, we are confident that we will deliver quality products and service that you can count on. We offer free in home estimates, professional design and presentation, professional installation, and full remodeling design and installation.

  We ship direct to the Continental United States


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  1. Hello Steve or Chris?
    Re: Cubitac, Oxford collection Pastel.
    1) How long are the toe kicks?
    2) To cover the seams on the side of a kitchen island (where cabinets meet) can I only use door panels or should I consider another option?
    3) How much is a wall cabinet 36X36X12 with glass doors?
    4) How much is Diagonal wall cabinet 24X36X12 with a plastic lazy Susan?
    5) I’m still waiting for John to get back to me about a design? I can’t order anything before I get this.

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