Value, Semi Custom, and Custom Cabinets

Waverly Cabinets offers quality cabinetry with our Value, Semi Custom, and Custom lines.


Our Value cabinets are the best price for the quality and selection of popular door styles and entry level pricing. Some brands included are Forevermark, Fabuwood and Midwest. Lead time is approximately 2 weeks.

Semi Custom

Semi Custom cabinets are mid-priced and include a broader selection of door styles, wood species, colors, sizes, accessories and features. Brands include Kemper Choice and Kemper Echo. Lead time is approximately 3 weeks.


Custom cabinets are reasonably priced and offer the ultimate in quality and selection. Cabinets can be made to your choice in standard colors or custom mixed colors. Door styles, sizes and features are endless. The Candlelight line is a great example of what you can expect in custom cabinetry. Lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

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