In the realm of kitchen design, one element stands out for its ability to infuse sophistication and style: black kitchen cabinets. Gone are the days when white and wood tones reigned supreme. Today, black cabinets have become a symbol of contemporary elegance, offering a bold yet versatile choice for modern styles.

In this exploration, we’ll uncover the enduring appeal of black cabinets. From their ability to create visual drama and depth to their seamless integration with various design styles. We will help you style them to elevate your space and bring a showroom charm to your home.

Join us where sophistication meets innovation as we explore the newest black door styles from US Cabinet Depot and Cubitac. Nothing says elegance like a little noir allure.

As one of the premier cabinet brands in the country, you may have heard of US Cabinet Depot in your remodeling journey. Their newest black cabinet door style, Shaker Black, is part of their Capitol Impressions Collection. It is full overlay with a five piece HDF door construction. The concealed soft close hinges and undermount, full extension drawer glides gives you top functionality. The natural interior is UV coated for extra protection.

The front is a deep, rich color with a gloss finish. The surface is smooth (no texture) with matching sides.

The cabinet door is a simple, clean shaker style. It features a thick border and lower center panel with a slightly beveled inside profile. The style is versatile and quite popular with modern interior design. You may have seen the shaker style doors on networks like HGTV.

Cubitac goes an extra step to give their cabinets names that vibe. Their newest black cabinet is Madison Midnight from their Imperial Madison collection. It is full overlay with a 5 piece center panel and solid wood frame. The veneered, adjustable shelf has a matching edge banding. The interior is natural.

The six-way adjustable soft close hinge with full extension undermount drawer slides gives you full functionality. (See assembly videos for instructions on adjusting your hinges.) It gives you the ability to adjust your doors and drawers to your preference.

The cabinet door is a clean, slim shaker style. It features a thin border and a lower center panel with a clean cut, 90-degree angle inside profile. The outer profile has a rounded edge. The color is deep and rich with a smooth finish. The style is simple, clean, and less dramatic than a normal shaker style door.

What is a shaker door?

A shaker cabinet door style features raised framing with lower center panel. Typically, the inside and outside profile is a clean cut, 90-degree angle. There is a beveled shaker, which features a bevel on the inside profile of the cabinet door. Some businesses use shaker style and recessed style interchangeably. However, some experts draw a clear line between the two styles.

The center panel of a recessed door is set farther into the frame than a shaker door. A traditional recessed door style has more of a bevel along the inner profile, which gives it a distinct look from the shaker door. There is also a reversed recessed style, which simply means the bevel is on the inside of the door.

3 Styling Tips for Black Cabinets

Black is a neutral color that is easily paired with any palette. However, it can throw off the vibe of a room unless styled properly. Here are 3 tips to help you out:

Pair it with natural accents

Black is a color that can make spaces feel smaller. To avoid that, consider pairing with natural accents. Think of wood, stone, and fabric. Check out the photo on your right for reference.

Have fun with plants and colorful backsplashes. If you want a more modern look, consider a quartz countertop with matching knobs. Hang up accenting racks and hooks for creative storage.

Go with contrasting metal fixtures

Cabinets with contrasting fixtures draws the eye automatically. Think of it as a gentle guide along the main points of your kitchen. With an all black kitchen, these pops of color would be visually striking. Popular finishes are silver, gold, brass or brushed copper. Here are some examples:

Pair with other neutral colors

For a vibe that is light and spacious, consider pairing with lighter neutral colors. If you’re going for a cottage vibe, try pairing with other dark colors. Here are some examples:

These black kitchen cabinets give you room to play with color, so have fun with it!

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