We help people build functional, beautiful spaces with no worries.

Whether you’re designing for the first time or want to save time, Waverly Cabinets is here to help you out! Our professional kitchen design program will set you on the right track to beautiful cabinets. Our team of experts will make sure you adore your new cabinets.

Go from ideas and measurements to a photo realistic rendering and an item list in no time with Waverly Cabinet’s professional kitchen design.  Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you want cabinets, one of our experienced designers can get your project planned out quickly.

Fee Based Professional Kitchen Design

We charge a basic fee of $250 for a professional kitchen design, and this fee includes a complete room design, photo-realistic rendering of the room, and an itemized price list. The basic design will be limited to only one room, only one cabinet manufacturer and only one design concept. Two minor revisions are allowed on a basic design, such as adding a trash, a drawer base, or an island.

For additional information about changes, add-ons and revision fees, please download the agreement.

Kitchen Information

Waverly Design Agreement

When you’re ready, please fill out the Waverly Design Agreement and attach it to the form below.

Design Planners

As part of the program, we will ask that you measure your space. Here are some planners to help you:

Forevermark Design Planner

We also offer a blank layout planner for anyone that is not remodeling a kitchen.

Layout Planner