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Visualize MSI Surfaces you are purchasing from Waverly Cabinets before you buy! Create a digital representation as if it were actually installed in your own home. Take a picture of any room and see your home transformed with a beautiful new look! Click on the phone icon in the right hand corner below and upload a picture from your phone or computer. You will be amazed at the realistic view.

If you are planning on buying new cabinets from Waverly Cabinets, you may want to see what your new cabinets will look like with different colors and textures from MSI Surfaces for the counter top, floor, or walls. You can upload the brochure of the cabinets you will be purchasing from the Waverly Cabinets and see the texture and color of flooring, walls/backsplashes, counter tops, Save them on your computer and upload to visualizer in order to view and build your own designed kitchen.

Click on the pictures below and save them to your computer and then upload the picture into the Visualizer. Contact us if you would like to try specific picture of any of the other brands or door style color combinations we offer.

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