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LTL Freight Shipping

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What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is the transportation of goods that are greater than parcel shipping limitations. These large, heavy packages need special equipment and strategic planning to transport them. Cabinets, and cabinet related hardware, are examples of freight shipped items.

What is LTL freight shipping?

It’s an affordable option for packages that are less than a full freight shipment. In these cases, more than one freight package makes up a full freight shipment. Rather than paying for a full load, people can pay for the space their package occupies.  

This method of freight shipping is better known as “less than truckload” or “less than load.” 

Can you lower the cost of freight?

The rates are set by the shipping company. We do offer free shipping on single-brand, RTA orders of $3,499 or more delivered to an individual location.

What factors determine freight cost?

The shipping company determines the cost of freight shipping and passes it onto us. There are several factors that go into their rates:  

Transportation Method

The shipping method has much to do with the cost. For example, air is more expensive than ground. 

Origin and Destination

The further your shipping destination, the higher the freight cost. This is due to the increased need for resources like fuel.

Weight and Size

The larger, heavier packages need special equipment to transport. This factors into the cost of freight. 

Special Handling

Items that need special handling will incur extra fees to ship. Cabinets are heavy, yet delicate packages that need more precise handling. The normal hustle of freight shipping would damage these packages. As a result, shipping cost matches the level of care it needs.  

What is the difference between parcel and freight?

A parcel is a small, light package transported without the need for special equipment. It fits into a normal delivery truck and is light enough to move with a dolly or by hand. A freight shipment are large, heavy loads transported by special equipment. A single shipment can be more than one parcel package or one large package. 

Why are lightweight packages shipped freight?

A freight shipment is not limited to heavy packages. There are packages larger or bulkier or longer than parcel shipment can accommodate. In these cases, freight shipment is the safest way to deliver the package in one piece.  

What are the weight and size limits of parcel shipping?

Every shipping company has different restrictions. Here are the domestic parcel limits for well-known options: 

  • USPS – Max Weight: 70LBS, Max Size: 108 inches (combined length and girth)
  • FedEx – Max Weight: 150LBS, Max Size: 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length plus girth
  • UPS – Max Weight: 150LBS, Max Size: 108 inches long

Extra Cost for Longer Packages

Any parcel package over 84 “is shipped at an extra cost added by the shipper. This cost is more because the longer packages must be transported by hand or cart at the distribution terminals, since they are not able to travel by conveyer. 

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All single-brand RTA orders of $3,499 or more ship free.

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