Forevermark Modifications

Forevermark Modifications sold assembled only and not available in RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets. The standard base depth is 24”D. The standard wall depth is 12”D. Reduce depth modification to roll out trays reduces the depth to 15”D, 18”D or 21”D. After modification, we will not dovetail the back of the drawer unit.

Base Depth (Drawer Box Not Included) – $130.77

Base depth modification reduces the depth and removes the drawer unit. The drawer front is attached to the frame as a false drawer front.

Base and Drawer Base Modifications

Base & drawer depth modification reduces the depth of both the base cabinet and drawer unit with working drawer glides. The back of the drawer unit will not be dovetailed.

Base To Microwave Base – $300

Base to microwave base modification uses a drawer base, removing the top 2 drawer units and adding a support shelf to create space for a microwave. Customers may choose to provide specifications on drawer size (top or bottom).

Base To Sink Base – $38.46

The base to sink base modification removes the drawer unit and attaches the drawer font to the frame as a false drawer front.

Base To Sink Base Full Height Doors* – $115.38

Modify the base cabinet by removing the drawer unit and frame, and replace them with doors and a frame that match the full height of the base cabinet. Purchase the face frame and doors separately from the corresponding wall cabinet.

Peninsula* – $423.08

We create peninsula modifications by purchasing and using two base cabinets or two wall cabinets separately. Ensure to purchase two base cabinets or two wall cabinets individually. The shelving will be finished on one side only.

IncreaseDepth Modifications

These modifications will give you more depth in a Forevermark cabinet.

ReduceDepth Modifications

These are modifications referring to a type of cabinet.

Oven Cabinet Modifications

Oven cabinet cutout modification customizes the cutout to fit most appliances.

Customers must provide cutout opening width(s) and height(s) upon ordering.

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