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Memorial Day Sale 2023
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FREE Shipping on RTA Orders of $3499.00 or more! - Learn More!
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A decorative wood carving.Forevermark Uptown White Corbels & Appliques 19-7/8W X 4-1/4H

Base Cabinet

A cabinet that sits on the floor that is designed to be covered with a countertop.  Can have any combination of drawers, doors, shelves, or other storage options.  GHI Lancaster Shaker Base Cabinet 12W X 34-1/2H

Blind Corner

A cabinet with a face designed for another cabinet to cover the blind section.  This allows all the space in the corner to be used.  GHI Arcadia Linen Base Blind Corner Cabinet 42W X 34-1/2H

Concealed Hinge

A hinge not visible when the cabinet doors are closed.  


A decorative support for a counter top or shelf. Forevermark Espresso Corbels & Appliques 3W X 6H

Corner Cabinet

A cabinet for use in a corner of a room.  GHI Arcadia Linen Lazy Susan Cabinet ACL-DCB3612

Crown Molding

A decorative molding that is attached to the top of cabinets. Crown Molding

Custom Cabinet

Cabinet lines with the most available options including combinations of finish, style, and other features not found in semi-custom or RTA cabinets.


Dovetail DrawerA method of corner joining that creates strong joints using a “dove tail” shaped tab and hole.

Drawer Box

Drawer BoxThe drawer box is the structure of the drawer not including the drawer front.  

Drawer Front

Drawer Front The decorative front face of a drawer.

Engineed Wood

A wood product where pieces of woods such as fibers, strands, or chips are bound together to create an engineered wood.

Exposed Hinge

A hinge that is visible when the cabinet door is closed.


Cabinet Filler A piece of material to match the cabinet style to fill gaps in cases where cabinets are not the perfect width to match the required dimensions.


The paint or stain that a cabinet is finished with after it is constructed.

Frameless Cabinet

Also known as European style cabinets, these cabinets do not have a front frame or stile.  This creates a more open look and allows easier access.


Glaze FinishA decorative finish that either accentuates the edges of a cabinet or creates an antique look.


Cabinet Wood GrainThe wood texture specific to the species of wood used to construct a cabinet.


Cabinet Knob A handle to open a cabinet door that is clasped around to grab.  Usually attaches to the cabinet using one hole.


Kitchen IslandA section of cabinets and countertop not attached to the rest of the layout and is floating in the middle of the room.


A material created using layers.  Usually a veneer attached to a structural layer.

Lazy Susan

A cabinet featuring shelves on a rotating base.  Generally used in a corner base.


Medium density fiberboard.  A more dense than plywood engineered wood product.  Chosen for it’s strength over particle board.

Mounting Rail

The strip of material inside cabinets used to screw the cabinet into position.

Mullion Door

Mullion DoorA cabinet door with glass to allow the contents to be seen.


Cabinets with no walls behind then similar to an island, but a Peninsula is connected to the rest of the cabinet layout.  Usually in an L shape acting as a room divider.


Drawer PullA cabinet door or drawer handle that is design to be reached through.  Usually attaches to the cabinet using two holes.


The loss of shape of a cabinet (twisting/warping) due to improper installation and/or handling.

Raised Panel

Forvermark Country Oak Sample DoorThis door and drawer style has a raised center section that is commonly surrounded by decorative details.

Recessed Panel

Forevermark Ice White Shaker Sample DoorA door / drawer design that has thicker material surrounding a recessed center section that is flat.

Semi-custom Cabinet

A cabinet line that has more choices than the basic RTA cabinets, but at a price point lower than custom cabinet.


Forevermark Shakertown Sample DoorA cabinet style featuring 4 pieces of wood surrounding a squarely recessed center panel.  Creates a very clean and simple look.


Small wedges of wood to help level cabinets during installation.


Cabinet Stain FinishA wood finish used to color but maintain the wood’s natural grain.


The vertical pieces of a cabinet’s front structure.


The combination of finish and construction that create the look and feel of a cabinet.

Toe Space

The recessed space under the front of a base cabinet.


A decorative piece that generally hangs below wall cabinets.


A thin layer of usually wood for decoration that is glued to another surface that creates the cabinet structure.

Wall Cabinet

A cabinet designed to be attached and hung on a wall.  Wall cabinets are also used in other places where a 12″ or 24″ deep cabinet is required.





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