People love saving money on large purchases for home renovations, but ill-informed choices cost them more money in the long run. Skimming the first three search results on Google is not research. That’s impulse buying at its best, and companies make a fortune on it. Always do more research than the first few results on “RTA Cabinet Brands.”

At Waverly Cabinets, we value a satisfied customer no matter how long ago they purchased their cabinets. That means helping people buy cabinets that fit their lifestyle and needs. Today, we’re going to go over a few important things to remember:

Think Long-Term, Not Short-Term

Trends are a great way to stay relevant to the crowd. Most people value the feeling of being admired. However, few people consider the long-term impact of these trends. Remember those pencil-thin eyebrows of the 1990s? How many of us regret that now? Don’t make the same mistake with your cabinets.

Yes, you can easily replace your cabinets; they’re not like your eyebrows. However, a full set of cabinets is a large purchase for most people. Can you afford such a purchase every five to ten years? For most people, even with our affordable pricing, the answer is a solid no.

Thinking long-term is paramount to saving money. Forget about where you are right now and think about where you’re going to be. Will you, for any reason, be selling your home in the next decade? Will you turn it into a rental property? Do you have health issues that affect your quality of life? Do you or will you have children?

These are questions that are paramount to making a smart purchase. Those peekaboo glass windows were adorable until you had toddlers. The cup pull handles looked beautiful until you developed problems with your hands. We can’t predict everything, but we’re familiar with ourselves enough to know where we’re going. Widen your viewpoint and think about the future.

Useful Features

We understand that thinking long-term is hard. To help ease that transition, we listed useful features that will age like fine wine:

Waterborne UV Finishes

Technology has come a long way, and waterborne UV finishes have made great strides. Some people may not welcome the longer explanation, so we summarized it: the waterborne UV finish is a safer, eco-friendly alternative to traditional finishes. It provides identical or superior durability without the toxic chemicals.

Now, for the longer explanation: The waterborne UV finish is an acrylic based resin that provides scratch and chemical resistance with low volatile organic compounds emissions. It lowers your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals found in other popular finish options. These finishes dry in minutes rather than hours, which makes quicker turnaround possible. It’s an eco-friendly option for those worried about the environment and the effects of chemicals on their long-term health.

There are three common finishes that could affect your health. It won’t matter to most people, but it could be relevant for those with all-wood interiors. Read more about it right here.

Concealed, Self-Close Hinges

Unlike years ago, where there was a sizeable gap, these hinges create a smaller gap between cabinet and door. They’re easy to open, and the self closing feature prevents the door from slamming shut. Give the door a push and watch it slow down to shut itself gently.

If slamming doors is a problem for you, self-closing hinges are a great buy!

Soft-Close Cabinets

If you don’t like the idea of a self-closing door, consider buying cabinets with a soft-close feature. These doors come with a bumper that prevents the door from rubbing the finish. It minimizes the noise of the cabinet door closing, too! If you’re worried about the longevity of the finish, but dislike the self-closing hinges, this is definitely a feature for you!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most warranties given by the manufacturer covers defects in construction within five years of purchase. These “defects in construction” refer to normal wear and tear to a cabinet, resulting in abnormal damage. To take advantage of a manufacturer’s warranty, you must have your original receipt with the date of purchase clearly visible. Every manufacturer is different, though, so research it prior to purchase!


As climate change becomes more noticeable, more people are worried about the Earth. Today, people want to know what chemicals are in their food and everyday items. They want to know that they can buy an item without contributing to nature’s downward spiral. Most people want to know what they’re buying is natural or engineered.

There’s no guesswork in the cabinet industry; most companies wear sustainable and eco-friendly like badges of honor. There’s no need to guess whether an item is natural. Everybody is ready and willing to tell you what they made their products of.

If you’re worried about chemicals and environmental impact, this is definitely a feature you want to look for.

Buying by Color and Materials

While this article is about affordable RTA cabinet brands, we want to remind everyone that certain colors are cheaper to buy than others. Anything currently trending will be more expensive. Neutral colors like white or brown are cheaper because these colors are easy to apply. These are also timeless classics that never go out of style.

Anything made from MDF, particleboard, or other synthetic materials is going to be less expensive. These materials are easy to source, so you’re not paying extra for them to stock it. Try looking for classic styles that are staples in commercial building. These styles are simple to find and cheap to buy, which is why you see them almost everywhere.

Finding your cabinets

If we’re talking about affordable cabinets, there are two brands that stand out above the rest: Forevermark Cabinets, Cubitac and US Cabinet Depot. These are, by far, our most affordable RTA cabinet brands. Here is a brief about each of them:

Forevermark Cabinetry

Forevermark Cabinetry has been a household name. Their dedication to durability and sustainability is unparalleled. Unlike other brands, this brand has its products tested to meet or surpass all standards.

Their wood is responsibly sourced, and their manufacturing process is eco-friendly. The next-level attention to such details has earned them a list of certifications. Checkout their popular selections:

Here’s an inspiration gallery for your enjoyment:

Remember this when designing your space: the only limit is your imagination!

GHI Cabinetry

GHI Cabinetry deserves the title of “household name”. With nearly three decades of experience, this brand brings you affordability with durability and quality. Their sturdy construction means a long lasting cabinet you can depend on.

These cabinets are made of high-quality wood that Waverly Cabinets ships ready-to-assemble. We have a page dedicated to their easy assembly. Their 5 year limited warranty makes GHI Cabinetry an easy choice for people that value guaranteed quality.

Take a look at these options:

GHI has some wonderful options for you to choose from. Here is an inspiration gallery for your muse:

Don’t be afraid to mix colors! We sell refundable samples for you to choose from.

Cubitac Cabinetry

First of all, if you know nothing else about Cubitac, then remember that their cabinets are amazing! Not only are they well made, but also chic certified! Their meticulous craftsmanship has created a superior product. Additionally, the materials are globally sourced.

Here is some popular choices from Cubitac:

Here are some beautiful colors that you can use in your own projects:

Another key point to remember is that we ship it ready-to-assemble. We offer design services, too. Basically, we take the headache out of cabinet design.

US Cabinet Depot

Before making your final decision, we encourage you to check out US Cabinet Depot for their selections. We have a wide selection of RTA Cabinets, but their Casselberry Antique White is beautiful. It has an old world charm that is perfect for cottage core fans. If you need something more subtle, give Torrance White a look over.

Their team of experts come from many areas of the industry. That mix of expertise delivers quality and price. Unlike other brands, they keep you updated on industry trends. That kind of knowledge isn’t offered by the other brands. Their expert team has earned membership with the National Kitchen and Bath Association. If nothing else, check out their impressive certification. It’s worth the visit!

If you’re looking for quality by experts, then US Cabinet Depot has to be on your list! Checkout some of their products:

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some beautiful designs with US Cabinet Depot:

Imagination is your best friend

You’re designing a new space, and that is a fun adventure. Venture into bold, new ideas! Think about what you want long term, and never forget what you may need in the future. This is a wonderful time to have fun with what you want to do.

We offer design services to help you fully realize how awesome your new space can be.

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