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We have Do It Yourself resources for those people that don’t want a contractor. If you find words you’re unfamiliar with, we have a glossary available. We also have a full section of brochures that you can draw inspiration from. Another source is our Pinterest or Instagram with inspiration photos!

Design Idea Planner Sheets – Do It Yourself

These Do It Yourself planner sheets will help you understand options available, and features you are interested in.  They are made by Kemper, but majority of options are available in other lines as well.  When you are finished, simply email with your filled out sheets and any other information/questions you have.

How To Measure Your Kitchen or Bath For New Cabinets

Accurate measurements of your kitchen or bath is important in designing your new cabinets. Please follow the steps listed in this kitchen and bath planner and give the information to your our cabinetry product specialist.

You will need to carefully configure the exact dimensions of your room. Your completed floor plan should resemble the diagram below. Be sure to show exact locations of doors, windows, hood vents, exhaust, gas lines, water line, drain line, outlets, switches, light fixtures, and heat vents.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone to ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK MEASUREMENTS.


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